Hi! I’m Julien

I grew up in Bidart, in the french part of the Bask Country. I love the place where i live for many reasons.

One of them is the beauty of the paysage and the ocean. I had the chance to growing up at the beach and sometimes traveling different place in the world.

The photography is for me a passion.

During a travel one of my friend brow me his camera to shoot during a surf session and since this moment i can’t stop this. It’s very power full you can just make a time break and reveal an action, a landscape, a face expression, or reveal lights.It’s magic.

I try to diversify my work, architecture (my job), landscape, people, lifestyle, and aqua shots.

I like to jump in the water with my deep water housing, to shoot, waves,  lights, actions. Each time i go in the water i try to reveal the beauty of the ocean and the amazing lifestyle of the place where i live and where i’m traveling.

I hope you gone enjoy my work!



PS : For the moment the shop is not available on the website, If you want a print of one of my picture you can contact me by e-mail.

Each picture is unique and printed for the moment on aluminium.


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